CMI participates with TIMAC AGRO Polska during a conference in Warsaw.

As innovation is at the heart of our business, TIMAC AGRO Polska welcomed two experts from the Roullier Global Innovation Centre in Warsaw from 8 May to 11 May for the launch of their new autumn campaign.

In just a few years, this event has become a point of reference, a must in the Polish agricultural sector. In fact, 600 people (including 450 farmers from all over Poland) attended the 2018 event. This awareness is the recognition of work supporting TIMAC AGRO customers thanks to the ATC, as well as the consequence of many communication events organised by the Polish subsidiary.

In a first part, Arnaud Wieczorek presented the CMI and the importance of innovation to provide: solutions to the needs of farmers and the means implemented by the Group to meet the challenges of agriculture both today and tomorrow.

In a second part, Nicolas Juignet (Plant Nutrition expert) presented the need for phosphorus application to obtain efficiency in nitrogen nutrition.

The presence of CMI teams at events of this calibre highlights the importance of its mission of technical support to subsidiaries, enabling them to assert our unique expertise with farmers.

More information is available on the TIMAC AGRO Polska website and in the Polish agricultural press: