How to Improve Fruit Set & Fruit Quality by Avoiding Calcium Deficiencies?

Blossom-end rot can cause up to a 50% loss in yield reduction! Apical necrosis (blossom-end... View Article


How to avoid stress during Corn establishment?

Establishment is a critical stage for corn! At this stage, the plant begins using photosynthesis... View Article


CMI participates with TIMAC AGRO Polska during a conference in Warsaw.

As innovation is at the heart of our business, TIMAC AGRO Polska welcomed two experts... View Article


800 farmers at the presentation of Grassland AGRO, with Teagasc.

Teagasc (Agriculture and Food Development Authority) has launched a programme called “Grass 10” to promote... View Article


TIMAC AGRO España – Action Against Hunger partner with Fertilizer Against Hunger

In December 2017, TIMAC AGRO España has launched the solidarity initiative “Fertilizers against Hunger” in... View Article


€120,000 in global funding on the occasion of the Groupe Roullier Innovation Awards

Organised by Groupe Roullier and its Centre Mondial de l’Innovation, “the Innovation Awards Groupe Roullier 2018” will... View Article


Phosph’or: the multifunction fertiliser app encounters its public TIMAC AGRO France

TIMAC AGRO France, leading supplier of phosphate fertilisers in France, launched last June a tool... View Article


TIMAC AGRO Brasil : 20th anniversary

The Group’s history in Brazil began in the late 1990s. “Mr Roullier wanted to invest... View Article


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