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The strength of William Houde Ltd. lies primarily in the skill and dedication of its employees. William Houde Ltd. is an independently owned and operated agricultural products and services company with a dynamic, flexible and responsive customer experience.


William Houde Ltd. offers you, beyond the quality of its products and services, a complete support concept. An agricultural health guide based on Crop Nutrition to promote the sustainability and profitability of your business. We are able to provide you with a team of passionate men and women just like you. Complete support in your agro-supply needs for a finished value-added product. Because agriculture is more than just production.


Serving agriculture for 70 years

It was in the 1940s that the picture of the agricultural industry in North America really changed. The mechanization of operations and the arrival of fertilizers contributed to the era of intensification, since yields of yesteryear could be doubled or even tripled. It was at this time that Mr. William Houde started his fertilizer business. Innovative, he introduced semi-granular fertilizers in Quebec, and a few years later, dry mixes.