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TIMAC AGRO Canada deploys innovative ranges of fertilizers based on agronomic additives of natural origin, stimulating the physiology of the plant and acting on the efficiency of the fertilizing units provided. The company also offers liquid root and foliar biostimulant products in “Field crops” and “Specialized crops (Vines, Arbo Market gardening), to meet the demands and specificities of all territories. A global strategy focused on the dual performance of productivity and crop quality within the framework of environmentally respectful agriculture.



PhysioPro is a soil conditioner proven to increase microbial activity, provide labile calcium, and improve breakdown of manure and (or) stubble into plant available nutrients. As a homogeneous granule, it supplies several key nutrients, such as nitrogen, calcium, sulfur and magnesium. PhysioPro works well on manured fields, orchards, vineyards, vegetables, fruits, and in both no-till and conventional tillage. It can be used alone or blended with other granular fertilizers.

  • Calcimer ingredient provides labile calcium that helps improve soil structure and feeds the crop
  • Delivers other critical micronutrients in a homogeneous compound granule
  • PhysioPro complex (our patented soil amendment) increases microbial breakdown of stubble and plant residues into plant available nutrients




Excelis Maxx is the only stabilizer to contain our LCN Complex and patented microbial biostimulant, Rhizovit. It is designed to protect nitrogen from all three pathways of loss and stimulate symbiotic microbes that produce cofactors to improve root growth and nutrient uptake.

Excelis Maxx is more than just a nitrogen stabilizer, it offers two powerful ingredients:

  • LCN Complex, which protects nitrogen fertilizers from volatilization, denitrification, and leaching by using a proprietary combination of urease inhibitor (NBPT), nitrification inhibitor (DCD), and polyphenolic and carboxylic acids;
  • Rhizovit, our patented soil amendment that stimulates microbial production of cofactors that increase root growth and nutrient uptake in the rhizosphere.



Duo Maxx is a combination of our patented phenolic binding compound, MPPA, nitrogen stabilizer, and our patented Duo complex. The formulation ensures maximum below-ground protection against nutrient loss. Duo Maxx is intended for treatment of incorporated liquid and granular fertilizer blends with N but can also be used on surface applied P and K.

  • MPPA (Macro Molecular Polyphenolic Acid) is designed to stabilize primary and secondary nutrients by binding and protecting them from loss and (or) retrograde tie-up
  • Contains a combination of NBPT and DCD designed to slow nitrogen transformation
  • Formulated with the patented Duo Complex



TOP-PHOS is a new, unique chemical form of phosphorus compared to traditional phosphorus fertilizers. It has been recognized under EU REACH regulations, and its technology is patented. TOP-PHOS is a new fertilizer with a unique ingredient – complex super phosphate (CSP). It is a water soluble phosphorus fertilizer, and is protected against blockage mechanisms in agricultural soils.

  • Makes phosphorus more readily available to plants;
  • Stimulates growth and improves root system development;
  • Positive effect on soil microbiota;
  • Promotes phosphorus absorption; also provides synergetic improvement in nitrogen and sulfur absorption.




Our patented formulas are derived from 20 years of research and development in plant extract technology. Plant extracts are known to contain bioactive compounds that we call biostimulants.

Our biostimulant formulas were developed because of their ability to:

  • Enhance root growth and nutrient uptake;
  • Improve vegetative growth and chlorophyll content;
  • Strengthen stress tolerance and recovery;
  • Develop higher yield and quality.


Fertiactyl® products feature the Fertiactyl® Complex, a soil amendment formulated to improve resistance to abiotic stress, such as extremes in temperature, water, and salinity. The Fertiactyl® Complex also enhances root mass and fine root hair development, as well as improving nutrient uptake, especially for non-mobile nutrients such as phosphorus, zinc, iron, and others.

In field research, the Fertiactyl® Complex is known to:

  • Increase yield and quality;
  • Strengthen stress tolerance and recovery;
  • Develop higher quality;
  • Improve water use efficiency;
  • Enhance nutrient uptake.

Formulated to promote root development and early growth, all Fertiactyl® products contain Humic and Fulvic acids to improve nutrient uptake. Fertiactyl® products allow plants to builds proteins, enzymes, and metabolic processes, all involved in the synthesis and transfer of energy. This helps plants with rapid growth, increasing seed and fruit production and improving the quality of leaf and forage crops.




Fertileader® is our nutrient blend line designed to be foliar applied and easily absorbed by the leaves of the plant or tree. Fertileader® products are liquid nutrient foliar biostimulants for vegetative and reproductive development. All Fertileader® products can be applied with other chemicals to increase foliar absorption of nutrients / active ingredients.

All Fertileader® products contain biostimulant complexed nutrients that provide three important benefits:

  • Enables rapid and efficient nutrition absorption by the plant or tree;
  • Ensures an active transfer of nutrients throughout the plant or tree;
  • Stimulates physiological activity in the areas of stress resistance, root development/function and increased photosynthesis.

All these benefits combine to create improved agronomic performance and, as the result, improved profitability for the grower.


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