Champion Winter Wheat Planting with the Right Fertilizer

As we approach the winter wheat planting season in Eastern Ontario, one fact remains true that it deserves more attention, and one can’t deny the advantages right fertilizers can bring to the yield. Timac Agro brings an impressive and innovative fertilizer line to Canadian markets backed by nearly 60 years of research and development in Europe and products tested across the globe.

With temperatures getting cooler, nutrient availability in the soil diminishes and it is no secret that applying the right amount and type of P & N fertilizers at the right time is critical to better results.

Timac Agro Canada’s Top-Phos is a patented groundbreaking technology that offers a new and exclusive form of monocalcium phosphate as compared to traditional forms of P used in standard fertilizers.

A single application of Top-Phos can help increase the availability of P resulting in better utilization by the crop regardless of soil pH. Research shows that Top-Phos is a clear winner when it comes to creating stronger roots and boosting yields.

Another champion product already taking the Canadian agriculture by storm is Timac’s patented nitrogen stabilizer – Excelis Maxx. Its LCN Complex and Rhizovit formulation protects nitrogen from all three pathways of loss and stimulates cofactors for improved root growth and nutrient uptake.

Our high-efficiency fertilizers for wheat are known for not only improving yields but providing a balanced nutrition to plants throughout the season and to achieve this aim, we have a strong network of agronomic technical experts in Eastern Ontario within growers’ proximity, committed towards attaining best results with tailor-made solutions for each grower.

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