Grapevines after Frost – what to do?

During dormancy, grapevine can support temperatures as low as -15°C. However, as soon as the vines  bud, they become more vulnerable. If frost occurs, the young shoots dry and die. The final yield is thus highly reduced, but this reduction may not reach 100%. In fact, good weather conditions, with rain and  good temperatures can relaunch the budburst. But the drying of the first bursts will impact this recovery.  As grapevine was already bud bursting, starch and N storage have been consumed by the plant for its  regrowth. Storage of starch and N are not at their maximum anymore for the second bud bursting. This has a direct impact on the energy of the crop and on the yield. Fertilizations and biostimulation must help the plant to sustain the coming flowering period to preserve the forming fruits.

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