Animal nutrition


Animal nutrition is one of the three pillars of TIMAC AGRO Canada. TIMAC AGRO Canada provides farmers with solutions to increase the performance of their herds and promote the autonomy of their farms. TIMAC AGRO Canada offers nutritional specialities adapted in their formulation and packaging to different breeding strategies. To guarantee quality production and preserve animal welfare. TIMAC AGRO Canada offers solutions for building applications (bedding, milking parlours, etc.). The valorization of livestock manure is also at the heart of the offer and makes it possible to consolidate an ecological and economic management of the farms.


The ideal dietary supplement to improve immune defenses.

Ruminal stimulant to improve digestion and immune function.

Product benefits:

  • Optimizes feed nutrition recovery and ruminal function – appetite and digestion;
  • Improves diet effectiveness and increases production (milk/meat);
  • Stimulates immune defenses and improves infection resistance;
  • Improves reproduction and balance.



Nutritional block supporting growth and productivity.

Product benefits:

  • Promotes mineral rebalancing;
  • Supports growth and productivity;
  • Improves fertility and immune function;
  • Supports feed intake and nutrition usage.


Nutritional block for high-acidosis-risk feedstocks.

Product benefits:

  • Reduces acidosis risk;
  • Improves health and reproduction;
  • Promotes good feed digestion;
  • Reduces feed costs.


Nutritional block for calving preparation.

Improves mother and calf health.

Product benefits:

  • Encourages good calving processes;
  • Improves colostrum quality;
  • Supports a proper start of lactation;
  • Improves muscle tone.



Nutritional blocks for sheep farming.

Product benefits:

Improves ewe and lamb health:

  • Colostrum quality;
  • Good beginning lactation
  • Muscle tone;
  • Harmonious growth;
  • Promotes fertility.




Nutritional blocks for goat farming.

Product benefits:

  • Improves rumination;
  • Improves forage digestion;
  • Increases milk production;
  • Supports health and fertility.



Bedding treatment to control hygiene and animal well-being.

Purifies, dries, captures odors, and repels insects for improved bedding hygiene.

Product benefits:

Healthier bedding for:

  • A healthy environment, bringing with it improved longevity and reproduction as well as reduced sanitary risks;
  • Better animal well-being thanks to improved comfort, cleanliness, and reduced odors;
  • Safe production with increased productivity (milk, ADG) and reduced sanitary costs.



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