Get More Bang for your Bank with PhysioPro

PhysioPro is a soil conditioner proven to increase microbial activity, provide labile calcium, and improve breakdown of manure and (or) stubble into plant available nutrients. As a homogeneous granule, it supplies several key nutrients, such as nitrogen, calcium, sulfur, and

PhysioPro is made with our exclusive marine-based mineral, ‘Calcimer,’ which aids in improving soil structure, reducing compaction in the soil, allowing for better drainage, and thus allowing for a better root development and nutrient absorption.

PhysioPro works well on manured fields, orchards, vineyards, vegetables, fruits, and in both no-till and conventional tillage. It can be used alone or blended with other granular fertilizers.

To learn more about our soil conditioner, reach out to us at Our local ATC would be happy to work with you towards attaining sustainable and more profitable agriculture goals.