Early Planting & Unpredictable Weather – How Excelis Maxx Benefits

As we deal with ever-changing climatic conditions in Canada, one thing is clear: farming is a challenge and we need to adapt to agronomy practices that mitigate the risk of nitrogen loss and improve soil health. This year in early April & May, farmers in Central Ontario witnessed frequent rains, snow and even subzero temperatures, leaving the soils wet leading to decreased oxygen levels and nitrogen loss; a process called denitrification.

Our Agronomic Technical Consultant (ATC) suggested Excelis Maxx blended with UAN with multiple replications to one of our growers and the trials demonstrate that there is up to 10% increase in soil nutrient nitrogen levels.

By keeping more nitrogen available for plant uptake, Timac Agro’s Excelis Maxx proves to prevent volatilization and all other forms of nitrogen loss, resulting in improved yields.

The details about this trial are outlined in the report below and if you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact our Ontario Business Unit Manager at corinna.ward@ca.timacagro.com. Our local ATC would be happy to work with you towards attaining sustainable and more profitable agriculture goals.


Excelis Maxx Trial – Emily Robins, June 2021