TIMAC AGRO expands its activities in Canada and announces the launch of a new web platform

TIMAC AGRO,  a subsidiary of Groupe Roullier, announces the launch a new web platform to fuel its growth in Canada and broaden its presence among farm producers and agri-retailers across the country.

Global leader in Plant and Animal Nutrition, TIMAC AGRO operates in more than 40 countries in which our 2,400 technical sales advisors offer high-value, innovative agronomical and zootechnical solutions that increase performance in an environmentally responsible way. TIMAC AGRO markets some of its solutions in Quebec and Eastern Ontario through its subsidiary William Houde, active since 1949.

“Our mission at TIMAC AGRO Canada is to help Canadian farmers improve their production, in pursuit of a sustainable and more profitable agriculture”, said Simon Jolette-Riopel, General Manager of TIMAC AGRO Canada.

“There are three key pillars behind our growth plan in Canada. First, an ambitious human capital policy in order to have our teams composed of not only people with the best profiles, but that also share our entrepreneurial mindset and passion for agriculture. Second, strong partnerships with agri-retailers in order to offer service and proximity to ag-producers across the country. Third, the heart of our approach consists of our added-value solutions. They are the result of more than 60 years of innovation and positive impacts on yield observed in over 40 countries”

In this context, the web platform ca.timacagro.com that was launched February 19 will be the showcase of the depth behind TIMAC AGRO’s know-how and innovation.

It will also serve as a communication tool on which TIMAC AGRO will announce the various partnerships that will be concluded with producers, researchers and ag-retailers.  TIMAC AGRO will also circulate various offerings in order to increase and strengthen its teams across the country.

About TIMAC AGRO Canada

TIMAC AGRO Canada provides innovative, high-quality solutions in crop nutrition as well as animal nutrition and welfare. Their motto is to help farmers everywhere “Think Different…Farm Better”. Their products are unique in that virtually all of them contain patented plant and seaweed extract formulas. A subsidiary of Groupe Roullier, the company is headquartered outside St-Simon, Québec.

The Groupe Roullier

Committed for 60 years to Plant Nutrition, Animal Nutrition and present in the food industry, the Groupe Roullier relies on its industrial and technical know-how, its unique sales force and a sustained innovation policy to meet the specific needs of its customers. The Groupe Roullier, which now has 8,000 employees and it has been able to cultivate its financial independence and conquer the world, while respecting local identities and the territories in which it has established itself. The Groupe Roullier today markets its solutions in 122 countries and achieved a consolidated turnover of 2.9 billion $ CAD in 2017, of which 66% internationally.