TIMAC AGRO Brasil : 20th anniversary

The Group’s history in Brazil began in the late 1990s. “Mr Roullier wanted to invest in Brazil. In 1997, he sent a farmer employee who knew the Latin American business world to find a fertilizer factory that would allow him to begin operating in Brazil.” Recalls Philippe Vignon. This led to the 1997 joint venture with the Centralsul cooperative, which operated a fertilizer factory in Rio Grande in southern Brazil. Three years later, our Group took on full ownership of this manufacturing operation.

In just two decades, Brazil has risen to become a leading pioneer within Groupe Roullier. Today, the country is home to our largest commercial team anywhere in the world, with over 600 Technical Sales Assistants (ATCs). More solid fertilisers are sold in Brazil than in any other country. It is also home to two high-performance model factories. Rio Grande and Cadeias, the former of which has the largest production capacity of any facility in the Group.

“We had to learn to understand this complex country and transfer the values of Groupe Roullier to Industrial sites which were already in operation. At this time, the Group’s only business activities in Portugal were commercial, and so we didn’t have any industrial managers who could speak Portuguese. Slowly but surely, we came to understand Brazil. It is a complex country, especially in terms of its financial sector, and. One which regularly endures severe economic crises like the one we are currently experiencing. Fortunately, our affiliate boosts the ability to count on high-quality commercial terms, both industrial and administrative, which have allowed us to navigate these last two decades with only a few blips and huge amounts of success. TIMAC AGRO Brasil is ready to ensure scure development over the next 20 years period.”

Phillipe Vignon, Agrosupply General Manager for TIMAC AGRO Brasil